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West Lafayette Without A Car

June 28, 2024
biking around purdue

Navigating West Lafayette without a car is not only possible but also convenient, thanks to an array of public transportation options, VeoRide scooters, biking routes, and walkable areas. Whether you’re a Purdue student or a resident of VERVE West Lafayette, you can comfortably get around the city without relying on a personal vehicle. Here’s how to embrace car-free living in this vibrant town.

Take Advantage of Public Transit

CityBus, the public transit system serving Greater Lafayette, offers numerous routes connecting Purdue University, downtown Lafayette, and surrounding neighborhoods. As a Purdue student, you can ride for free by swiping your Purdue ID. Popular routes include:

  • Route 1 (Salisbury Street): This line links the Purdue campus with local businesses along Salisbury Street, making it easy to run errands or grab a bite to eat.
  • Route 13 (Purdue Night Loop): Ideal for night owls, this loop ensures safe travel late into the night, catering to students with evening commitments or weekend plans.

Biking in West Lafayette

West Lafayette is a bike-friendly city with dedicated bike lanes and plenty of racks to park your ride. Purdue’s campus has well-marked paths that make biking to class efficient and safe. If you need help with a bike, check out Purdue’s Cycling Club Repairs or the local bike shops. Consider these tips:

  • Use the Wabash Heritage Trail: This scenic trail provides a beautiful route for biking from the Purdue campus into downtown Lafayette or to the local parks.
  • Bike Share Programs: Explore Purdue’s VeoRide bike-share program, which allows you to easily rent a bike via a mobile app.

VERVE West Lafayette offers on-site bike storage for residents. Your bike is securely stored and readily available whenever you’re ready to hit the local biking trails or commute around town. It’s one of the many ways VERVE makes sustainable transportation options convenient and accessible for students and residents.

Zip Around with VeoRide Scooters

Scooters in front of Purdue University

VeoRide scooters have become a popular way to navigate Purdue and the surrounding areas. You can quickly find an available scooter through the VeoRide app, which displays nearby vehicles. They’re ideal for short commutes between classes or buzzing over to State Street for a meal with friends. Just unlock, ride, and park at designated zones.

Enjoy Walkable Hotspots

Living near Purdue University provides a unique opportunity to enjoy walkable destinations. From VERVE West Lafayette, you’re just steps away from some of the best locations in town:

  • State Street: This bustling area is lined with restaurants, bars, and shops, perfect for grabbing lunch or hanging out with friends.
  • Lilly Nature Center: If you’re looking for a quiet escape, take a walk through the Celery Bog Nature Area, home to the Lilly Nature Center and its peaceful trails.

Navigating West Lafayette without a car is made easy by public transit, bike-friendly routes, VeoRide scooters, and walkable neighborhoods. Living at VERVE West Lafayette places you within walking distance of Purdue University and gives you quick access to bike paths and bus routes. Embrace car-free living, explore the town at your own pace, and experience all the joys of sustainable travel.

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